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Spring 2015 Schedule Day Time Beginning Date Tuition Sign up
Ceramic Art for High School Students Mondays - 9 weeks 4pm - 7pm 04/20/2015 $315
Instructor: Kitty Sheehan.  (New!) An inspiring ceramic class offering freedom of expression for 8th - 12th grade students in a friendly environment with small class sizes. Technical and traditional techniques will be taught including hand built methods, sculpture and the potter's wheel. As a ceramic artist and high school art teacher with 20 years experience, Kitty Sheehan loves working with students and understands how personal growth can thrive in a sanctuary for art.
Hand-building, Throwing and Raku Tuesdays - 9 weeks 7pm - 10pm 04/21/2015 $315 SOLD OUT!
Instructor: Shoshi Kanokohata.  This class for the complete beginning and intermediate student focuses on the basic techniques for working with clay by hand and on the potter's wheel. Ongoing carving, glazing and decorating styles are also demonstrated. The term ends with an evening of Japanese style Raku firing and potluck.
Throwing and Hand-building Wednesdays - 9 weeks 7pm - 10pm 04/22/2015 $315
Instructor:  Robert Miller.  This class is for beginning through advanced students. Robert introduces beginners to the basics, including: building by hand, throwing on the potter's wheel and glazing. Intermediate and advanced students will be throwing and hand-building a variety of functional pottery, he will be demonstrating new innovative carving and glaze decorating techniques. The term will end with an evening of Raku firing and potluck.
Sculpture and Pottery Thursdays - 9 weeks 7pm - 10pm 04/23/2015 $315 SOLD OUT!
Instructor:  Harry Berman.  This class is primarily a sculpture class for beginning through advanced students.  Each term varies from figurative to abstract sculpture and has a specific theme. We are always exploring the creative process and demonstrating new concepts and techniques.  The term will end with potluck and a special effects firing.
Throwing, Hand-building and Sculpting Saturdays - 9 weeks 2:00pm - 5:00pm 04/25/2015 $315
Instructors:  Harry Berman, Kitty Sheehan & Shoshi Kanokohata.  This class is for beginning through advanced students. The most diverse class of the week, it focuses on hand-building both pottery and sculpture as well as throwing on the wheel.  The weekly demonstrations enable students to explore new techniques and directions.  The term will end with a special effects firing and potluck.
$315.00 plus clay, firing and tools.
This includes 9 sessions and meets once a week for 3 hours. In addition, studio time is available on Thursdays from 3-6pm. and Saturdays from 10am-2pm

Refund Policy
No refund will be issued unless a written letter is received 7 days prior to the beginning of the session. Tuition is not transferable from term to term.
Classes missed may be made-up only during the same term by attending any of our other classes. As a courtesy, we ask that you call before attending another class for make-up.