Our Services

Firing for the Public:

  • Cone 10 reduction
  • cone 10 oxidation
  • sculpture firing
  • low fire glaze
  • bisque firing
  • Luster firing

Complete kiln rentals are available and the price will be quoted upon request. Prices for each firing are calculated by the piece at $.18 per square inch. The clay for all ceramic pieces brought in for firing must be purchased from us. We sell only Cone 10 clay.

Selling a Wide Variety of Cone 10 Clays:

  • white stoneware
  • B-MIX
  • red/brown stoneware clays
  • Black Mountain stoneware
  • porcelain clays

Carrying a Wide Variety of Supplies:

  • Kemper Hand Tools
  • Speedball bats
  • brushes
  • sponges
  • more

Also Offering:

  • Private individual and group instruction
  • Internship programs
  • Annual student pottery sale
  • TV, Movie and Entertainment Services
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